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well, about myself:
- sleepy head
- lazy + eat alot
- online gaming
- networking
- game collector (ps2, ps3, X-box)
- anything related to I.T
- an anime collector
dat it about me...
btw, sumtime i do work repair mostly lappy(aka laptop) when given de job...
well, if the dun ask many request it will easy job
but, if they ask to many dat will be hard 4 me even through it can be done but take time...

in any case, it a pleasure 2 meet ur

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gundam Unicorn


Information :-
Title : Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
Year : 2010
Episodes : 3 - 0ng0ing

xbnyak yg ley aq ckp...
ni anime gundam 0VA yg tgh latest skarang,Gundam Unicorn...
pe yg bez cite gundam nie ngn cite2 gundam yg len iz main gundam, Unicorn..
yg ley berbrubah and dipandu menggunakan minda(dlm Destroy Mode JE).....hurmmm2~

RX-0 Unicorn
RX-0 Unicorn (Destroy Mode)

Unicorn Tranformation - Change to Destroy Mode

klu k0wg na cite nye aq ley share link...
KLU NA LA...hehe..:)

pape pn, Ep.4 ble la k0 na release nie....lmbatnye...
da xsb0r nie na tnggu na tgk...:D

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