gud evening~

well, about myself:
- sleepy head
- lazy + eat alot
- online gaming
- networking
- game collector (ps2, ps3, X-box)
- anything related to I.T
- an anime collector
dat it about me...
btw, sumtime i do work repair mostly lappy(aka laptop) when given de job...
well, if the dun ask many request it will easy job
but, if they ask to many dat will be hard 4 me even through it can be done but take time...

in any case, it a pleasure 2 meet ur

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

de Begining.....:)

malas pnye psal,kte bg pendek jele...
my name iz sha'ef, can call me sha' 4 de short...
ermmmm~...pe lgi ea.....
aq pemlas and kuat turu(tid0r)...:p
terer klu bab2 i.t...:)
na s0ftware/application 4 windows Xp, Vista 0r Win7 send je request,
serial & keygen akan diberikan skali....
tpi,xsmua s0ftware ley dpt,hrap maklum...
na mntak tl0ng pape je ask ea...;)

k la, mlas la na ckp g...
smpai sni dlu jela ea...
chaaa-neee~ ~

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