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well, about myself:
- sleepy head
- lazy + eat alot
- online gaming
- networking
- game collector (ps2, ps3, X-box)
- anything related to I.T
- an anime collector
dat it about me...
btw, sumtime i do work repair mostly lappy(aka laptop) when given de job...
well, if the dun ask many request it will easy job
but, if they ask to many dat will be hard 4 me even through it can be done but take time...

in any case, it a pleasure 2 meet ur

Friday, July 29, 2011

kte mencurik line.....

ya,seperti yg dijanji i akn tunjuk cmne cre na dpt internet free...
de 2 cre yg aq gne:-
1) tambah code
2) pkai adapter

tambah code
first, open wireless network k0wg & crik la netw0rk
pilih connection yg ade tunjuk 6 nama/code yg start dgn 0......
and pastikan security type die WEP, len xley...
(contoh : 0DC45C)

then, k0wg try connect dgn network tadi...

msok en kata laluan....
masok 6 code tadi tanpa 0 di dpn, then tambah 1ffb0 dihujung
contoh : DC45C1FFB0

tada....k0wg da connect da...

connection info

then k0wg ley ar browse internet, easy en????
 smoga berjaye!!!

p/s: cre dia senang en???
tpi lack 1 bnde je, network speed cume dlm 50kb ke bwh...
10%-40% je k0wg ley dpt...
 N cre yg ke 2 t i explain k???pnjang la plak na cite....
 de pape xpuas hati ley ar speak, 0key???

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